Fairy Daydreams

A Creative Coloring Book Launch!


Do you know a wee fairy that LOVES to create and draw? Or maybe you have a secret penchant for creating yourself?

The Fairies are so excited to announce a new coloring book! Sparkletastic! Created by Talula Shimmerwing, Queen of the Fairies, this isn’t your ordinary coloring book. It invites you to create your own magic! Designed to stimulate imaginations, each coloring page playfully invites dreaming up worlds of one’s own.

With 28 pages that give prompts to create magical scenes, from creating a flutterbye’s wings, to designing fairy gowns, or making a fairy palace, this coloring book stimulates wild imaginings, while giving a framework of beautiful illustrations to start from.


You may know, fairies love creating and dreaming up things. We love to have an idea and use our magic to make it into reality – it is part of how fairy magic works. It is easier in the Fairy Lands than in the Human Realm, as what we imagine we can create in a twinkle of a star.

It usually takes more time in the Human Realm, matter being what it is. Until now… this coloring book is like a bridge to the Fairy Lands, where you can create whatever you can imagine!

Creativity is such a foundational skill. Fairies believe that nurturing it and honouring it leads to a sense of empowerment, wonder, possibility, and joy! It leads us deeper into who we are and connects us with our essential selves. Children that have their creativity nurtured lead to adults who are in full capacity to create and dream, and see possibility and resourcefulness in their lives.

We love nurturing creativity and imaginations, in our parties and in this coloring book. It makes us happy to see that feeling of joy, focus, wonder, and openness that creativity engenders.

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