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We’ve hosted over 2000 parties and understand every child is unique! Our magical ability to tune into their interests ensures they feel excited about creating a fairy adventure together. It’s our intention to make them feel special, empowered and creative. Our speciality is making your child feel like a fairy superstar and encouraging them to be themselves.


Every costume is custom made from beautiful silk fabrics, floral decorations and real crystals. We also bring high-quality story props and gift bags for your children to enjoy. We’ve been told by many customers it’s our attention to detail that truly brings our fairies to life.


We love the little mermaid! But unlike her, we never revert to being human. We come as fairies - and leave as fairies. You’ll never see us getting out of cars or unable to answer a question about whether we can fly. We keep the magic alive for your little ones because we believe it plants a seed of creativity and imagination that will stay alive forever.

Meet Bryony

My name is Bryony Lake and I'm sure I was destined to be a fairy: I was born on Midsummer’s Eve in a tiny cottage in England, and named after a fairy in the Flower Fairies books. Really! You might say being a fairy is what I was born to do.

Although I grew up with a paintbrush in hand thanks to my artist mom, it took me a while to find my inner fairy. ‘Professional Fairy’ wasn’t on any list of career options that I found!

After years of exploring areas including Psychology, banking, and community work, I decided enough was enough. I would follow my heart and see what happened.

Turns out, extraordinary things!

I am also trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist, and my interest in human development informs my interest in making parties as empowering, inclusive, and respectful as possible. I follow child honouring principles, and give children the same respect and courtesy I would give an adult.

I kept following my heart and what felt right, and it led me here, to you. I have had the delight of bringing fairy magic to tens of thousands of girls and boys; I have created and personally led over 2000 parties since 2008, and I look forward to meeting your little fairy soon!

It began with gossamer-like fabric that I knew had to be flowing wings, and after many creative explorations and training in areas including theatre, performance, and dance, In the Company of Fairies began in 2008. It has been a wonderful adventure of play, dance, magic, and joy! I feel amazed that this is the career I didn’t know I was looking for.

My mission in this work is to awaken a sense of magic, possibility, and wonder in the hearts of children. I feel that magic and wonder are the essences of what makes hearts bloom and grow - they make minds open and imaginations soar, and creativity flows from that place. From there, anything is possible! For children, ourselves, and the world.

Bryony Lake

And, gratitude to the wonderful photographers who have taken the many photographs on this site. They are: Deb Putman, Deb Reny, Diane Smithers, Elizabeth Hollick, Eve’s Photo Creations, Kim Short, Raeleigh Good, Sacha Jobert, and The Chief Newspaper. All photographs of children have been released for use by their parents to In the Company of Fairies.4