Frequently asked questions

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The parties are designed for girls aged 3-6 years old, and are ideal for that age group. Seven-year olds (or even older!) like it as well, if they are into fairies. However, it usually work best to have a small group of children of that age. 

Absolutely! Considering that three year olds have shorter attention spans, we can provide a highly interactive, movement–oriented party that will keep little ones entertained and wanting more. A one-hour party is usually best.

Although the types of activities we have are more focused on the interests of girls, we do have costumes for boys, as well as exciting parts in the story, and an inclusive attitude about having girls and boys. They frequently love it! We keep it movement-oriented to keep boys engaged.

And, sometimes boys are not as receptive to the fairy theme, or just want to go and play doing their own thing. It can be helpful to have a separate “dragon slaying” area for them if they do not want to participate. Having smaller numbers of boys usually works best. 

Yes! We will go almost anywhere, although added fees will apply.

Definitely – the outdoors, after all, is where the fairies live! Outdoor parties are our favourites - whether in spring, summer, or fall, or even winter if it isn't raining or below 5 degrees. Children love being outside as well, and are happy with a jacket on colder days. We do lots of running around, so everyone gets warm, even the Fairy. 

If you add the Dress-up, in order to protect the costumes, the designated area must be clean and dry, or have a drop cloth on the ground. 

Absolutely! It will be just as fun and magical. The photos are mostly outdoors, as they were taken in the summer, and, well, they look lovely.

For parties, pricing is for up to 12 children as we find that works best. However, additional children are welcome, and we do not have a limit, although face painting will be adjusted based on the numbers. 

The more children there are, the less time per child there is for face painting, so a larger group may need very simple face painting, or simply a jewel and sparkles.

For space, we will need either a living-room or play room type space with a clear floor area for the children to sit on.

Outdoors, we will need a large enough area for the children to all sit down, with space at the front for the Fairy.

The face painting is best done in a kitchen or area where a bit of glitter on the floor is easily cleaned up, and will need a table and two chairs. The entertainment will need a chair for the Fairy and a chair for the birthday child.

If it is very sunny and hot, then a shaded area is ideal for both fairy and children alike.

You are welcome to serve snacks, although we do find that food can be distracting and it helps to have it before or after the party. If provided during the party, then easy to eat options like grapes, cheese squares, or crackers are good options. 

If Dress-up is added, in order to protect the costumes, we ask that no meals are served, and non-messy snacks only (e.g, no cherries, pizza, cake, cheetohs, or strawberries). Please note that if these guidelines are not followed and a costume becomes no longer usable, you will be charged for the replacement value.

A craft is a wonderful addition to the party, although please have non-messy crafts while children are wearing the provided costumes, and no painting please. Ie, no glue or paint, thank you! The same conditions apply as above.

As you probably know from events, face painting is for one child at a time (although many like to watch). This is a good time for the children to have free play, or you can provide colouring pages, a craft, or game if desired.

However, they are usually more than happy playing amongst themselves, and get excited and inspired by the costumes if Dress-up is added, or if you have some to share. 

Or, you can add a second Fairy, who can play with the children, and provide colouring pages. 

While all our parties have a visiting Fairy character, we can certainly make the party Princess themed. Your child can received a Fairy Princess or Princess certificate, and be a Princess in the story. 

If Dress-up is chosen, there are a wide variety of costumes, including princesses, and the stories have a variety of characters, and can include a princess (or twenty!). 

Similar to princess parties, we have our own visiting Fairy characters, and children are more than welcome to create a Tinkerbell character for themselves, or have a Tinkerbell theme to the party. However, we don’t use Tinker Bell® or Disney® stories – we love to create our own original World of Fairy.

We have a variety of professional-quality face paints and cosmetic eco glitter, and all are with FDA-approved ingredients for your child’s safety and your peace of mind. Glitter is made of eucalyptus, keeping it safer for children and fish alike! 

Face Paint is best removed with warm water, soap or cleansing cream, and a facecloth. Because the paints are high-quality, some paints have high pigment. If there are any staining areas, apply some moisturizer and leave on for a few minutes, then wipe off.