Fairies for Events

Make your next event sparkle

Let a fairy enchant your guests! We’ll take your littles on a flying adventure through the Fairy Lands to discover Seashimmer Fairies, take a rainbow roller-coaster ride, discover a crystal cave, or meet the trees in the enchanted forest. We can work with your event space to customize your itinerary.


Up to 30 minute stage show

Full of highly engaging storytelling, sing-along songs to get everyone flying, and dancing to transport young fairies to another world. Stage shows with Queen Talula are interactive and lots of fun!

Roaming and engagement with guests

We’ll roam your event space to answer your fairy questions and take your children on an adventure to fly through the Fairy Lands! With a sprinkle of fairy dust, some bubbles and laughter, add some interactive playfulness to your next event.

meet the fairy

Meet the fairy queen

Be enchanted by a Fairy Queen! Guests can have photos taken with a real fairy, or “Become a Fairy” in our delightful engaging performance. The fairy will greet guests one at a time, give them a ‘fairy crown’ with a jewel and sparkles, play a short fairy game, and pose for a photo. Three minutes of magic, for a lifelong treasured memory! We can bring our magical fairy backdrop and mushroom stools for extra enchantment.

Face Painting

Take your experience into the clouds as your guests transform into their favourite fairies, animals or characters. We’ve won awards for our face painting  and can offer a range of designs from unicorns and butterflies to pirates and dragons. We make sure there’s something for everyone!

face painting2