Meet the Fairies

Fairy Party Characters

Every fairy has a special job to do. Some sing to the flowers to help them bloom brightly.
Others fly to the stars to gather fairy dust, or care for water or trees.
But they all love to have fun, and bring stories from the Forest of Dreams to delight young ones.
Talula Shimmerwing

Talula Shimmerwing

Queen of the Fairies

Queen Talula lives in a beautiful palace made of flowers and light, and she loves to tell stories of the fairies. When she isn’t teaching the ways of the Fae, she loves spending time dancing in moonbeams, visiting the far corners of the Fairy Lands, and playing with her pet alacorn, Kai.


Queen of Flower Fairies

Tatiana lives in a magical garden in the far reaches of the Forest of Faraway, where golden honeysuckle drips from the trees and magic is thick in the orange-scented air. Fairies sing to the moon and dance until the wee hours at the nightly Fairy Ball that all are welcome to attend.



Snowflake Fairy Queen

Isha visits from her Snow Palace, where she loves to dance on the snowflakes with the snow and ice fairies. Her palace sparkles in the sunshine in her Snowflower Garden, a magical place where pixies leave footprints in the snow dust.


Queen of Forest Fairies

Isadora lives in a magical golden tree palace that is at the top of the tallest tree in the depths of the Forest of Dreams. Forest fairies love to sing to the trees to help them grow, and jump from the leaves to splash into the singing pools below.



Unicorn Fairy Queen

Loria lives inside a flower that she calls the Peony House. It grows in a secret magical garden where the unicorns drink from the silvery streams, and visit Loria to tell her about their adventures through the stars, and share their wisdom and unicorn healing magic.

Rainbow Sparklesong

Rainbow Fairy Queen

Rainbow Sparklesong lives in a light-filled rainbow palace in the clouds, and she loves to slide down rainbows. When she sings, the rainbow pixies zoom around, leaving trails of sparkles and a faint scent of strawberry marshmallows behind them.

Queen Rainbow