What People Are Saying

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I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. The girls were absolutely thrilled and loved every minute of it. I was so happy with how it all went and wanted to thank you again for your wonderful creativity and fairy spirit. My girls have both asked to have you back again!
 Thank you again for making my girls 5th birthday so special for them.”
Renee Mellody
Port Coquitlam
Thanks so much for a very special birthday party for Sarah. All of the kids had a great time and from the parents that I have spoken to since, their kids talked about nothing else the next day. The face painting was amazing and the costumes, stories, fairy dust was magical – thank you again! We were all amazed and enchanted with the whole thing! Keep spreading that fairy dust!
Cheryl Wilson
North Delta
I want to thank you so much for making my daughter’s party one of the best ever. She loved it and she loved you! You made her party magical indeed.
Lettie Costea
North Vancouver
I can’t thank you enough for making Brooklyn’s party the most perfect event ever. I’m not sure how I’m going to top it for next year! That is all she’s been talking about. Thanks again.
North Vancouver
Thank you for making the day such a special one for both my girls.  Their friends were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to tell their parents what a wonderful time they had. The girls wished that they were fairies during their good night kiss.  I hope you have fun sprinkling fairy dust on other little parties!
Sabrina S.
As we speak Melea is in character as “Tatiana” and has a captive audience of all her barbies (and her brother) in our living room, reliving today’s events.   The face paint has been washed away but I am sure her memories of today will be forever. You are truly enchanting!!  We are so pleased you have inspired our little girl to be a fairy.   Thank you again for making Melea’s day so wonderful.
Jocelyn Roberts
I would like to give you a big thank you for a wonderful party.  Jenna and all her friends really believe that you are a fairy. It was a magical day for Jenna and she has replayed the video over and over and talks about it constantly. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who has a daughter with a fairytale imagination. Thanks again… it was fantastic!
Jill and family
Thank you so very much for making Micah and Kiyah’s birthday such a special and memorable one.  You have a natural gift for capturing 14 little girls’ attention and keeping them so enchanted.   Thank you also for your beautiful artwork on each of the girls’ faces.  One mom told me today that her daughter refuses to wash her face still. Thank you for captivating 14 wanna-be fairies, opening their imaginations and making all their fairy dreams come true.
Marlene & Christine
Sami and her friends all had a wonderful time at the party – Sami’s exact words were “that was the best party ever.” Thank you so much for making her day super special.
Janette G.
You were fantastic yesterday!  Everyone had a great time.  I have been organizing children’s birthday parties for 10 years and you are definitely the best!
Sharon Agar
North Vancouver
A gigantic Fairy Thank you for making our birthday party so very special.  Allie and Avery were thrilled and couldn’t stop talking about you, their faces paintings, the story you told, their crystals and wishes… All of their friends couldn’t wait to see them this morning to talk about their wishes, crystals, the magic and this most memorable day. Allie and Avery and their friends still talk about the party and you. They love their crystals and they have made many a wish with them. They play “fairies” everyday! Thank you for keeping their imaginations alive and ever growing! Our sincere thanks to you!
Kristin G.
South Surrey
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate the season last night at Tech the Halls! The event went so well, and again the face painters were a show stopper. The lines never ended; the kids looked fantastic!
Christina Coomer, Membership Coordinator
Telus World of Science
The party was wonderful and magical…a party that Lauren will hopefully remember forever.  All of the girls and boys (all ages) had a great time!! Great memories!!! You shouldn’t change a thing…Loria was very professional and captivated her audience. Thank you Thank you Thank you
Antonella & Lauren
Thank you for coming to Belle’s party on Saturday. You were outstanding and the kids are all still talking about it. Belle woke up this morning telling me that she dreamed about you and all the fairies at her party. The face painting was absolutely the best I have ever seen and so fast! Really great – thank you so much!
Alison Raes
North Vancouver
We all had a wonderful time, THANK YOU!!!!  I have received many phone calls from parents relating such wonderful stories from their girls after the party and how excited they were. You have such an ethereal, beautiful spirit about you, it was a pleasure to have you in our home and a part of our daughter’s magical day.
Andrea and Steve Meyer
It was our pleasure having you at Justine’s birthday party. You were extremely amazing! Kids at the party had a great time. You gave them something that was truly a magnificent experience. It was nice seeing the little girls mesmerized by your exquisiteness. You absolutely made Justine’s 1st Birthday a FAIRYTALE BECOMES REALITY! Party guests were asking where did I find you? Keep it up! Again, thank you so much!
Beverly Barrera
Thank you so much.  It was a very special party.  Laura is the youngest of three girls and I’d have to say this was the most special party of all three.  Laura especially enjoyed the storytelling and being involved in the story. Actually. . . she enjoyed everything!!” Thanks again!
Yesterday was just wonderful!  Mara *really* loved having you at her birthday, and I think she felt really special.  We heard Mara tell her [nanny] that, “she said that I brought the magic!!  It was inside me, and inside my heart, because of love and kindness and stuff!”  (I especially liked the “and stuff”  LOL).  The message obviously got through, and she thought it was pretty amazing that SHE had magic inside her. Everyone had a great time (even Hamish).  Thank you so much!!!
Aleina Tweed
Bryony is the most amazing face painter and storyteller we have ever worked with.  She is professional, self sufficient  and always prepared for the event of the day!  Bryony will make any event just that much more special.
Susan Lewis
Lewis & Sears Event Management
Thank you SO much for making Natasha’s birthday so special! I think she may have felt a tiny bit shy being the centre of attention, but she had a wonderful time. Later that evening, once everyone had left, she was running up and down the hallway trying to fly, now that she is a “fairy!” She said that she knows why you didn’t fly while you were in our house, it’s because you might bump into the walls! I love that they still have imagination and believe in “magical” things. I was thoroughly impressed with how you came in and took over the scene right from the start. The face painting was all so beautiful and well done, I had a few parents comment on how much they liked it and asked if it was air-brushed on because it looked so perfect. Thank you again, you were amazing, everything from the costumes and face-painting to the games and story were perfectly done! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know with little girls.
Marie Miller
Wow! What a wonderful party that was, thanks to you! From the minute you walked in the door, till the minute you quietly left, your gracefulness influenced everyone attending the party, young and younger. The girls were stunned by the magical quality dress up items (did you hear the “WOW” when you opened the large decorated suitcase with them?), the pretty face paintings and the captivating story and fun games. I have never seen a group of 4-yr-old girls wait so patiently to get their faces painted, or cooperate so wonderfully during stories and games. None of them seemed to even care if their moms were around or not. That included the Birthday Girl, who’s usually very shy. You have definitely worked some fairy-magic on her. She felt very special, while still not being put in the spotlight more than she felt comfortable with. Thank you for being so sensitive to her “comfort zone”. All of the parents mentioned to me that this was, without a doubt, the best birthday party they’ve ever been to. Maya is going to meet her friends again at daycare tomorrow, and I am sure this positive experience will build her self confidence – after all, a real fairy came to celebrate her birthday.  Just before going to bed the night of the party, Maya whispered to me: “Fairies are even more beautiful than Princesses”. Thanks again for making Maya’s birthday party everything we hoped it would be. Thanks a lot, you were truly amazing!
Noga Z.
You were the reason that Ivy’s birthday party was so special and unforgettable! From the moment you walked through the door, the girls (and the adults) were mesmerized with your beauty, grace and professionalism. Ivy and Elle are still talking about your visit ; ) Elle has even suggested having you come to her 6th birthday party in February. Ivy has proudly displayed her Fairy Certificate at the head of her bed and shows anyone who will come and look! Thank you again for making Ivy’s 3rd birthday so wonderful! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do, as the world would be a less magical place!
Stephanie Lloyd
Port Coquitlam
Thanks again for the wonderful party…. you captivated the kids, both girls and boys. We parents couldn’t believe a room full of four-years-olds at a birthday party all mesmerized by you and your story. It was magical! You have a way with you that is gentle and calm but still commands respect from fairy (and dragon and pirate) followers, like a true fairy queen should….
Sarah and Naomi
Everyone had a fabulous time and was very impressed by you. I have had so many wonderful comments. The girls have not stopped talking about it. Every night we ask the girls what they’re going to dream about and ever since the party their answer has been “the fairy”.  Even Milena who was a little reserved at the party has been pretending that she’s a beautiful fairy and retells your story over and over. Thanks again and hopefully we’ll see you again soon. Happy fairy dusting!
Laura Morrison
North Vancouver
Kya had such a great time, she kept thanking us for having you come to our house.  Everyone couldn’t get over your face painting talents.  Thanks again, you really made her day special.
Jody Moss
Port Moody
Thank you so much!! You were wonderful!!! Hanna and Mia LOVED you and of course all the girls, I was impressed by how all the girls were so into you!! I don’t have words to tell you how pleased I am with you – You are just GREAT!!! Wow!! All Moms were very amazed by you too, and comments like how all their girls were very into the dancing, story, dressing up and painting…again wow!! We had a perfect party!! Mia wants you for her birthday, so I’ll be seeing you again next year in May! Thank you so much again.
Adriana Borbolla
It was magical! You were amazing. Brielle talked about you every day since I booked you and ever since. She really believed in you. She really thought you are a real fairy. If kids can have that magic in their heart, it’s very special, as it goes so quickly. You truly gave them something that was truly an amazing experience; they all spoke about it afterwards. You were unbelievable. You were magic. You believe in what you do and you want to pass that on to the children. It was far far beyond my expectations. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you – you looked just like the pictures -I was shocked! What you do is amazing; you are a real artist. I taught kindergarten for 20 years and I have three girls, so I’ve had who-knows how many parties, and you were top-notch. I wish we had five hours. Everything from your fairy dust, to your ring – all the things you brought – you are special. You really do it with all your heart, and it shows. Even my husband said it was amazing, and for him to say it was amazing, it was amazing. This world needs people like you. You’re so professional. I pay attention to detail, and you didn’t miss a thing. Thank you.
Jill Katz
Wow, you were absolutely gorgeous and EVERYONE is still talking about how wonderful you were with the kids!  Isabella was saying “She was the Queen of the Fairies!” tonight as Michelle was tucking her into bed! We had an idea of what this would be like, but it far surpassed what we could have imagined. We can’t thank you enough for making Malayah’s special day so perfect! Thanks again!
Sacha Joubert
Thank-you so much for coming to Amelie’s party and for making it so magical for her and for the others! We thought that the trunk of dress up clothes was amazing (as was your beautiful costume!), the timing was excellent and you kept their attention for the whole time which was wonderful. I loved the story and so did the kids (even the reluctant boys were desperate to join in!). Thanks again for your fairy presence!
Cate and Jessy Rodrigue
You’re the best fairy ever!”
Child at a Birthday Party
You were just wonderful! Gabrielle and her friends loved you and had a great time! All the parents were asking for your card…you were really amazing and I am so happy that we found you! I think you truly made Gabrielle’s birthday very special. Thank you so much; see you next year!
Heidi Coglon
West Vancouver
You were fantastic. Kids, adults, everyone said you were the hit of the party. Napoleon said it was the best party possible. Your relaxed easy going demeanor is calming for the parents who are usually stressed at the point of party launch, and we were able to sit back and enjoy our daughter’s 5th Birthday. Thank you for a successful day.
Peter & Naz Carroll
Thank you again for your wonderful fairy spirit you brought to our house for the day.  All the moms have said how their girls have not stopped talking about meeting a real fairy and how they want you to come to their birthday!!
 Both Payton and Rhys did not let me take their fairy faces off until the next morning. You made Rhys’s 4th birthday very memorable for her as she proudly displays her fairy princess certificate on her wall.
Michelle Montana
The face painters were wonderful! The artwork they did was exquisite. Lots of beautiful fairies and superheroes around the building! There were many many smiling faces leaving the room whenever I was there. Thanks so much, it was exactly what I was hoping for.
Dianne Wiebe
Telus World of Science
Thank-you so much for coming to Ava’s birthday and being such a perfect fairy!  All the girls were quite in awe and it was so cute seeing them with their wide eyes.  I’ve never seen 13 little girls be so quiet before! : ) They especially loved dressing up and I’ve heard from some of the moms that a few of them can’t stop talking about the interactive story. They loved it! Thanks again. All the parents thought it was an amazing party.
Kathleen Zydowicz
Port Coquitlam
I love you, Fairy!
Girl at a Birthday Party