Vancouver's favourite fairy parties and events

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Welcome to a World of Enchantment, where water droplets turn into jewels and fairies sing flowers into bloom.

We’re so happy you came to visit! Do you know a little girl or boy who loves fairies? Our authentic and highly interactive Fairy Parties and Fairy Princess Parties in the Vancouver, BC area are perfect for engaging young minds in a world of imagination and play. As a fairy at heart, Bryony creates her own fairy tales and characters to make your child’s magical experience so real, so extraordinary and so full of wonder, it will touch their hearts forever.

You’ll never see our fairies getting out of vehicles or unable to answer whether they can fly. Destined for magic, we bring your child’s experience to life with our beautifully embellished costumes, highly engaging activities, and enchanting stories that will bring out your child’s inner fairy and let them shine.

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