Is That a Fairy in the Park?

Is That a Fairy in the Park

Can you believe it? The Holiday Season is here! This will definitely be a different kind of year for everyone, and I sincerely hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Although it has its challenges, I’ve personally treasured these times in many ways. I love small groups and being outdoors, as it feels very connected to the magic of nature and the fairies.

Fairy Visits are something I have particularly loved – they are surprise meetings with a Fairy in a nearby park or backyard. With thirty minutes of fairy fun, the Fairy follows the interests of the child or children, to make it personalized.

On a recent visit to a Vancouver park, Talula Shimmerwing met Zoya, who was turning six. The park happened to have a fiddler and guitarist practising, and we danced to the beautiful music! It was truly magical. We met a lovely old tree, made Zoya an Honorary Fairy, then after a story and a game, Talula said farewell and headed back to the Fairy Lands.

After the visit, Zoya said: “I wanted to meet a fairy for my birthday and I did!” Now that made Talula happy.

You might be thinking, but it’s so cold out! It’s true, it is getting cooler, but it isn’t too cold for fairies. Honestly! Well, unless it is sub-zero. Then our wings do freeze a little. Dancing and playing with children is like going for a run, so we keep warm. As long as it is dry, we can meet outdoors somewhere for a fairy good time.

The Fairy follows all current COVID protocols, keeps at a distance, and can wear a mask if requested. And, this may be something you’d rather keep in mind for when restrictions loosen.

We are making it as easy as we can by having no-fee postponements and cancellations, so we can check weather on the day and adjust times and dates as needed.

Wishing you a Sparkling Season!

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