New Wings for Talula!

new wings

Talula Shimmerwing, the Queen of the Fairies, noticed that her shoulders got very itchy recently, a certain sign that new wings were on the way.

You likely know, but fairies sometimes get new wings. It happens frequently for some fairies, and less often for others. Talula says she knows a fairy that grows a new pair every moon! I can hardly belive that.

When fairy wings molt, fairies like to take some time for themselves as the molting happens. We call this cocooning. Cocooning is similar to what butterflies do, as we take quiet time and don’t get too concerned with the outside world, however I must say it looks much easier. Talula likes to spend time in the Fairy Lands, curled up in her favourite flower, creating some sky paintings, and nibbling on (far too many) fairy cakes.

When our wings molt, our new wings are usually larger, and even more sparkly and magnificent. Here are Talula’s new wings! Do you love them as much as we do?

Talula would like you to know that she can only show these wings when she visits outdoors or in larger spaces – when inside, she magically makes them smaller so she can still fit into the room.

Do humans like to cocoon as well? We would love to hear!

Wishing you a day of Magic and Wonder,

The Fairies

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